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Welcome to the Litton Fuller Group Income Property Brokers

Financing assistance


When it becomes known that you have made an offer on a property, and need financing, people willing to help you will come out of the woodwork. These might include a friend from Rotary, a fraternity brother, or a local real estate broker. What seems like sincere help, in most cases, can lead to dire circumstances. All loan agents will offer to do your loan with a smile and an attitude of great confidence that they can perform. What happens in many cases (to many) is that in about 4 to 6 weeks they will announce that they cannot fund the loan in the requested amount, or at the requested interest rate, or for the reqested amount of points. The reason for this phenomina is that hope spings eternal in the breat of the commissioned loan agent. He will say yes to "any" request not really knowing what his "Loan Committee" will actually do. Who can blame them? They are all well intended.

Litton/Fuller Agents DO NOT ACCEPT LOAN FEES, under any circumstances. This has been true since the was founded in 1980. So long as the firm is involved in the receipt of a selling or buying commission there will never be a loan fee, or referral, tacked on to the transaction.

  We have developed relationships with direct lenders , not brokers, who will act quickly, with integrity, to close transactions according to specifications.

For Many Propert Owners the Exchange to Triple Net Properties is the Ideal Answer

income property brokerage



Have you considered Charitable Remainer Trusts, or transfers involving a Charitable Foundation which could shelter all your gain for you, your children and your grandchildren? These involve IRS approved techniques available to most owners of income property.
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