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Welcome to the Litton Fuller Group Income Property Brokers

For Buyers of Income Properties


Avoiding Transaction Traps
Choosing An Agent

For Property Owners
  • Confidential Market Evaluation: For those owners of income property who wish to evaluate their position and options for sale, exchange or refinance.
  • Rental Income Evaluation: For those owners wishing to evaluate the income stream generated by their property to evaluate strategies and alternative actions.
  • Marketing Property: Litton/Fuller Group specializes only in the brokering of income producing properties, i.e., Apartments, office buildings, retail buildings, mobile home communities, warehouses, single tenant properties and mini-storage facilities.
  • Tax strategies, other than the common 1031, to avoid, minimize or delay capital gains.

Avoiding Seller Traps
Choosing An Agent

Company History


income property brokerage



Have you considered Charitable Remainder Trusts, or transfers involving a Charitable Foundation which could shelter all your gain for you, your children and your grandchildren? These involve IRS approved techniques available to most owners of income property.
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